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Professional & Confidential Parent Coaching

Support, Skill Building and Problem Solving For Parents of 12-25 Year Olds


Parent coaching services vary based on your need and 

can include one or more face-to-face or online remote meetings, emails, texts.

Schedule  a free 30 minute consultation by emailing me:

The 4 C's of our coaching approach:


How can you build & support your teen's competence as he moves out into the world? How can you learn to let go, little by little, so your teen can stand on her own?


How  do you stay connected with your teen while they grow and become more independent? How do you make repairs when connection is frayed or even broken?


How can you improve your communication skills so that you and your teen feel heard, and you keep communication lines open?


What's behind the behavior?  What's up? What's life like for your teen? Get sincerely curious about your teen's experience.

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